"Віндов" - виготовлення столярних виробів, вікон та дверей із масиву хвойних і твердолистяних порід за індивідуальними замовленнями !!!

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Ужгород, вул.Чурговича,3
Тел.:+38 0312 66-01-15
Моб.:+38 095 557-04-05
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E-Mail: windowuz@gmail.com
Леонід Ігнатович Кеслер

Марія Пучкова

PE "Window" - a guarantee of quality, reliability , convenience !

Private Enterprise “Window” - one of the first companies in Ukraine, which has been able to establish the production of wooden windows and doors with modern technologies. For the period of 20 years we have achieved a dominant position in the market of Ukraine.

We believe, the most important of our quality scores is the fact, that the majority of our new customers contact us on the recommendations of owners of apartments, houses, shops, hotels, restaurants or cafes, for whom we once produced individual orders.

Today, windows, entrance and interior doors of various designs made ​​at the enterprise "Window" decorate a lot of houses and offices not only in Ukraine, but also in many other countries, including Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Russia and the United States.

Integrated exclusive works.

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