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Handling and care of the interior doors:
  1. Doors,   door frames are best stored horizontally in a dry and ventilated place. The moisture percentage should not exceed 70% mark. Doors (including accessories) should not be located closer than 1 meter from the heating source; the direct sunlight is inadmissible. We recommend to keep the polyethylene packaging   until the installation of doors.

  2. High quality door installation is performed by qualified specialists. Masters use the whole set of necessary tools. We recommend using the services of professional installers who are the employees of our enterprise. We guarantee : the work will be done efficiently and quickly. Do not make the   self-installing of doors; do not   engage strangers found on ads in this. Poorly made installation can ruin the door or completely break it. Of course, in this case, there will be no refund of costs.

  3. Remember: the main enemy of doors is high humidity in the room. Installation of interior doors should be made only when in all the rooms "wet" work is finished – walls are painted or wallpaper pasted. To avoid the distortion of a door and destruction of its lacquer coating, the area should be thoroughly ventilated and dried. In those areas, where humidity reaches or exceeds 60-70%, it is necessary to dry air additionally.

  4. The care of the door should be as thorough as the care of expensive furniture. For removing dust use a dry soft cloth or a soft nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Keep the door from reaching of direct sunlight, water or solvents, as well as from mechanical damage and contact with hot objects.

Tips on caring for wooden windows:
  1. Installation of windows in any case should not be trusted to non-qualified specialist. We recommend using the services of professional installers that are the employees of our enterprise. We guarantee : the work will be done efficiently and quickly.

  2. In case, when the installation of windows is combined with the finishing work inside, be sure to take steps to align humidity (ventilation, drainage).

  3. In order to remove dirt from the surface of the windows, to save the original   appearance, we recommend to use special tools - Zowosan Pflegeset - twice a year, it will provide adequate protection against the impact of various natural influences.

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